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 FlyingFiendsInKoreanWar.com "Welcome Page"

Welcome to my web site honoring the Korean War Vets of the USAF 36th FBS. The Home Page was getting very crowded so I thought I'd create this "Welcome Page."

Thanks so much to my Fabulous Flying Fiends Friends!

Thanks so much to Fred and Peggy deGanna!

The 36th FBS Reunion held on Sat. 13 Nov. 2010 in Peoria, AZ. was a resounding success!

Click on the link below to see the fun:

 2010 - 36th FBS Reunion Page.

Recently, I had the very distinct honor and privilege of receiving an email from C.O. 36th Fighter Squadron, Lt. Col. Ralph "Rolex" Waite. See the correspondence from Col. Waite here and photos of the current Fabulous Flying Fiends here!

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