On 18, June 1953, the Flying Fiends of the 36th Fighter-Bomber Squadron flew a world-record 121 combat sorties in a single day. That record still stands to this day...

Following is ACTUAL video footage from this record setting day. Be advised, this is a BIG file, which may take several minutes to download IF..., you have broadband internet service. If you have "dial-up" internet service..., forget it, Moses didn't live that long! I guess you could click on the link and then go play a round of golf...

The video features Bill Demint's FU-397, the "Georgia Peach. At about the 3:20 mark in the video, Lt. Chester "Peaches" Beattie is briefing Lt. ? on targeting information. Also, I believe that I recognize Jack Cook "handing off" FU-367 to ?. (I thought the pilot was Charlie Wison. Chuck emailed me and said he was Stateside by then. Said the USAF was letting pilots with 75 or more missions go home so the "new heads" could get some combat experience.)

Special thanks to Mr. Fred Deganna, Crew Chief of Jack Mitchell's FT-866 and Torr Harmer's FU-397, for providing this video footage.

Actual video footage from this record-setting day...


36th FBS Record Setters - 18 June, 1953


Kerm Keeley - 4 Combat Missions

John P. "Deacon" Russell Brig. Gen USAF (Ret.) 4 Combat Missions

Jack Senneff - 4 (maybe 5) Combat Missions

Johnny Mayers - 3 Combat Missions

Fick Henderson - 4 Combat Missions