Remembrance from:

Lt. Col. Bill Demint USAF (Ret.) and 36th FBS Pilot 1952-1953


In an E-mail to Mike Perry dated 4 July, 2007 Bill Demint writes:

Hi Mike! It was good to hear from you. I will do some research and get back to you on some items. Re your uncle and the C-124. What a tragedy that was!!!  K-13 lost about 100  men from what I can tell. It was an R&R courier and had a lot of enlisted men, Army and AF on it in addition to our pilots.

I played golf with a former C-124 pilot in DC recently. He said he had heard that one of the propellers had reversed on that fatal '124 that day at Tachikawa. If so there certainly nothing the pilots could have done to save the ship.

Years ago Jim Escalle sent me the accident report. The pilots were both Majors and had about 300 hours in the plane. That sounds like a lot but when you consider their sorties each of which were probably 10 hours that is about 30 sorties. In a fighter that would be about 45 hours, not much time in a complex aircraft. But of course if the propeller did reverse then nothing could have saved the airplane.

I don't know if you knew all that or not. I will be talking to you again. Glad you called me. There is a "Puking Pup" organization with a website if you are interested.  But most of the guys in it  are from their stint in Korea in the 70s and 80s.  There weren't any guys in it that I knew.

Bill Demint