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Throughout the making of this website I have had the utmost support from two of my closest friends. It is only through their assistance and steadfast loyalty, that I have been able to produce this work. I can truly say, these friends have been right by my side the whole way.


Though they don't really help me much in the way of web authoring they contribute endlessly in other ways. They are extremely adept at eating and strategically deploying "land "mines" around the back yard. But what these valiant associates of mine are really experts at and like to do best, is lie (lay) around. So with that, I do hereby devote this page to the:



"Lying Fiends"

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Gonzo or, "Big'n" as we call him, weighs in at a svelte 80 lbs. Lilly, the little "Fiend," tips the scales at 65 lbs. As ferocious as the "Pukin' Pups" of the 36th FBS were, these frothing monsters rival them in every way and are fearsome hotdog, potato chip, pizza, and tamale munchers. More than once, half of a pizza left callously unattended on the stove, found it's way onto the kitchen floor, and from the time we hear the "plop" sound, to the time it takes for me to get my big butt off the couch...,yep, pizza's gone. These two are deceptively short. They're stealth dogs; they fly loooooow under the kitchen countertops except..., when they're standing on their hind legs. And...,I hate to admit it, but the boy hound has a drinking problem. Yep, he can't wait until it's Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July to get his beer ration!


Below are a few more pics of the "Lying Fiends." I think my next web-site will be:



The "Lying Fiends" practice their synchronized sleeping.


If that ain't a "Fiendish" look, I don't know what is.

Devil Dogs

Mike flirts with almost certain death by carelessly taunting the "Lilly" Fiend.


And finally, the biggest "Lying Fiend" of all...


I got these Basset Hounds because they're just like me..., fat and lazy.

The End