Pilot  / Service Member -  Plane Name - Bureau No.  -  Flight  -  Notes  - Crew Chief  -  A/C Right Side Name

Andrus, Robert (Capt.) FT-547

Boychuck, Al (Maj.)

Brady, John D.

Carpenter, Wilbur "Pete"

Ciarfeo, Glenn

Cook, Jack 1/Lt. - "Delta Queen II" - FU-379 - Uncle Flight

Cox, Charlie 1/Lt. - "Red Raider" - FU-372 - Queen & Victor Flights

Clyot, Cecil

Coyner, Robert W. "Tar Heel" - FU-408 - Queen Flight

Crackel, Robert E "Gene"  - A/C unnamed - FU-382 - Victor Flight -  Shot down by (Davis) 4/16/53 - pilot rescued

Davis, Jim - Victor Flight - "Shipped out" 4/16/53 after shooting down Gene Crackel.

Deganna, Fred - Crew Chief FT-866 and FU-397

Demint, Bill 1/Lt. - "Georgia Peach" - FU-367 - Uncle F/C - A/C Shot down by ground fire - Jim Escalle pilot  KIA June 19, 1953

Dunaway, "Hezzie"

Dodge, Ward Kent - KIA Vietnam July, 1967

Escalle, Jim  2/Lt.  Mike Flight - KIA June 19, 1953


Gardner, Ed

Garvey, Bill  Capt. - Queen F/C - d. 2004


Gordon-Johnson, Ian (Flt. Lt.-RAF)

Grammer, Herman  2/Lt. - "Miss Minookie" - FU-455  - Victor Flight - A/C Shot down by AAA 6/19/53 - Albert "Vic" Hodges pilot - POW

Gray, James Lt. Col. - 36th FBS C.O.

Green, Robert 1/Lt.  Queen Flight

Gushwa, Paul  1/Lt. - "Miss Bunny" - FU-452 - Victor Flight - A/C Shot down by AAA Jun 15, 1953 - pilot Donald McKaig rescued. "The Pirate"

Hamilton, Albert 1/Lt. - Mike Flight - Perished in C-124 crash 18 June,  1953, Tachikawa, Japan

Halter, Frank - Intelligence Officer

Harmer, Torr 2/Lt.-  "C'est Dammage" - FU-397 - Uncle Flight- Fred deGanna crew chief - "Little Miss Kelsey"

Henderson, Fick 2/Lt. - "Toots" and "Toots II" - FU-398 & FU-442 - Uncle Flight & Mike F/C

Hodges, Albert "Vic" 1/Lt. Victor Flight

Irish, Lloyd (1/Lt.) "Irish's Shilleglagh" FU-399 Mike Flight - A/C later assigned to Jim Walker

James, Jim (2/Lt.) "Memphis Blues"  FU-408 Queen Flight F/C

Jassman, Cal

Keeley, Kermit 2/Lt.- "My Darling Patricia"- FU-392 -  Mike Flight - Donald Davis crew chief

Kennedy, Jim (Lt.) "The Belle of New York" FU-379 Uncle Flight - FU-379 later re-assigned to Jack Cook

King, (Capt.)

Krediet, Herbert - Mike Flight

LeMaster, Bill Victor Flight



Mayers, John No assigned A/C Victor Flight

Mayo, Jack (1/Lt.) "Sonny Boy" FU-395 Mike Flight - George Wing

Mayo, Ken Lt., Flight Surgeon - Perished in C-124 crash 18 June, 1953, Tachikawa, Japan

Magee, Jack (Capt.) "Kathryn II" FU-415 QueenFlight & Mike Flight Commander - replaced by Jack Mayo 5/53

McCollister, Chuck

McKaig, Donald Not in squadron picture. Shot down in FU-452 by AAA 6/15/53 - Pilot rescued. Killed in F-86 accident 1955.

Mitchell, Jack (1/Lt.) "Sweet Carol Ann" FT-866 Uncle Flight - Not in squadron picture. Fred deGanna

Morgan, David (Capt.) Not in squadron picture.

Mori, Bert - Mike Flight - Not in squadron picture

Mouton, Raoul 2/Lt. - "Cajun Express" -  FU-405 - Queen  Flight - Perished in C-124 crash 18 June, 1953, Tachikawa, Japan

Noel, Bob - Uncle Flight

O'connell, Jim (1/Lt.) Mike Flight

Offield, James Msgt. USAF (Ret) - Crewman Aug 1952 - July 1953.

Owen, Tom (1/Lt.) "Miss BB III" FU-413 Queen Flight

Owens, Cal (Maj.)  

Postle, Maurice Victor F/C Not in squadron picture.

Reed, Gil   Crew Chief FT-777 and FU-452

Reilly, Lou - Mike Flight

Ruby, Robert (Maj.) Not in squadron picture.

Russell, John P.  Mike Flight FU-406 "Millcreek Elixir"  Not in squadron picture.

Sclaroff, Stan Queen Flight

Seger, Dick (Lt.) Mike Flight - "Honey" FU-451

Senneff, Jack (1/Lt.) No assigned A/C- Mike Flight

Stacey, Bill  2/Lt. - Uncle Flight - Perished in C-124 crash 18, 1953, Tachikawa, Japan

Sternhagen, Bill  2/Lt. - "Wild Bill" - FU-436 - Victor Flight

Taylor, Jack  "Redeye" 1/Lt. -  "Shimpai nai" - FU-472 - Queen & Victor Flights


Trout, Darvin Maj.

Van Camp, Rex

Veazey, George "Bob," Mike Flight - FU 817 "Joanie's Modeleer"  

Walker, Jim G. - FU-399 - Mike Flight -  A/C formerly assigned to Lloyd Irish

Whitney, Gregg - "Winter Garden Bell" - FU-433 - Victor Flight

Wilson, Chuck - Uncle F/C

Other A/C which are seen in pictures in 36 FBS colors.

FU-390 - Pilot unknown - Mike Flight?
FU-407 - Pilot unknown
FU-409 - Pilot unknown - Spruit crew chief?
FU-420 - Pilot unknown
FU-423 - Pilot unknown
FU-448 - Pilot unknown - Mike Flight?

Firebaugh, James 35th FBS "Kitty and Martain's Cotton Picker" FU-442 n/a This aircraft also shows up in pictures as 36th FBS "Toots II".