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Maj. Alex Boychuck Bio Page

Major Alex Boychuck on Col. Elder's Sabre

On 30 June, 2008, in an email to Mike Perry, Dr. Kerm Keeley writes:

Major Alex Boychuck was in our squadron and checked out replacement pilots in combat. We
flew a couple of 'milk runs' and sweeps to get us familiar with the area, checkpoints, etc. So
here I am, new guy, scared and puckered, flying his wing on a sweep on the Yalu River. I'm
calling MiG bandits everywhere and Major Boychuck is saying, "No son those are ours, they're
not MiGs." After three of four times of me calling out MiGs he said "Tuck yourself in tight on
my wing and follow me." So the next thing that happens is, we descend rapidly to the deck and
fly right down the runway at "Antung" air field where the MiGs are stationed, and he says to
me, "Those are MiGs Son!"  And so I really did see some bandits that day.