Mayo, Kenneth P.

First Lieutenant Mayo was a member of the 8th Medical Group, 8th Fighter Bomber Wing.  He was one of two Iowans to die in the air crash.

He was a flight surgeon.  According to an Iowa paper, Dr. Mayo's mother was Mrs. Edna C. Mayo, an employee of the registrar's office at Iowa

State College.  The only child of parents who were separated, Dr. Mayo was reared in Ames, Iowa by his mother and grandmother, Mrs. Ed Coe.

He was 27 years old on June 3, 1953.  He was married on October 18, 1952 to Carolyn Ann Flodin of Burlington, Iowa, a member of his graduating

class at S.U.I.  She was employed at Iowa Ordnance plant in Burlington.  The newspaper stated, "Gordon Gammack, Des Moines Register and

Tribune war correspondent who returned recently from Korea, said Friday he had visited several times with Lieutenant Mayo at a Korean jet air

base.  Gammack characterized Mayo as 'an exceptionally fine youthful medical officer.'"