Left to right: Jim Walker, Dick Seger, Ray Pugh, and Bert Mori

                       (Photo by Fick Henderson)


       Left to right: Ruby, Slater, Keeley, Mori, Krediet, and Seger

                       (Photo by Fick Henderson)


          "Poopy Suits"                     Left to right: Seger, Mori, Russell, Laidly, Grammer

Left to right: Mori, Walker, Krediet                          (Photo by Kerm Keeley)

     Photo by Fick Henderson)


 Left to right: Seger, Henderson, Laidly, Kredit, Mori               Bert Mori and Herm Grammer

               (Photo by Kerm Keeley)                                  (Photo by Kerm Keeley)