Pilots of the 36th FBS at K-13 April 9, 1953.

Original photo sent home by Raoul Mouton Jr.

Back of photo with pilot names written in Raoul Mouton's own hand.


(1st row seated, L-R) Bob "Dad" Noel, Herm Grammer, Bill Stacey, Jim James, Jim Escalle, Jack Senneff, Fick Henderson, Charles Cox, and Lou Reilly.

(2nd row, L-R) Tom Owen, Lt. Davis, Al Boychuck, Bill Garvey, Jack Magee, Cal Owens, James Gray, Darvin Trout, Robert Andrus, Gene Crackel, and Chuck Wilson.

(3rd row, L-R) Capt. King, Kent Dodge, Chuck McCollister, Raoul Mouton, Albert Hamilton, Bob Green, Lloyd Irish, Jim Kennedy, Paul Gushwa, Bill Demint, and Flt. Lt. Ian Gordon-Johnson RAF.

(4th row, L-R) Jack Cook, John Mayers, Bill Sternhagen, Jack Mayo, Jack Taylor, Stan Sclaroff, Torr Harmer, Bill Lemaster, Jim O'Connell, and Rex Van Camp. (Photo USAF)

Color legend:

Names in Blue: Passed on.

Names in Red: Pilots/Intelligence Officer/Crew Chiefs I've made contact with.

Names in White: unknown at this time.

36th FBS Pilots and crew I've contacted and/or spoken with, not pictured above include: Thomas A. Bartenfeld Jr., John Brady, Wyndham Clarke, Fred Deganna, Albert Duzenack, Frank Halter, Jesse Hearin, Kermit Keeley, Herb Krediet, Jack Mitchell, Bert Mori, Ray Pugh, Gil Reed SMS USAF (Ret.), John P. "Deacon" Russell Brig. Gen. USAF (Ret.), George "Bob" Veazey, and Raymond Viscarra.

Other pilots who were in Mouton's flight training class that I've spoken with: Donald Sharp, 40th FS and John Crimaldi, 80th FBS.