Reprinted by permission, courtesy of Mr. George "Bob" Veazey Sr.

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CHAPTER 7 - Bob Veazey's Memoirs - Page 1

On 2 August, 1952 I boarded a charter DC-6 aircraft and departed the United States for assignment to

the 8th Fighter-Bomber Wing of the 5th Air Force, United States Air Force. This was to be the

culmination of the training I had embarked upon in January of 1951.


The trip to Korea from Travis AFB, CA via Japan included scheduled stops at Hawaii and

Wake Island. The  DC-6 just didn't have the range to travel much further on each leg. The

DC-6 was also a fairly slow aircraft  and as I recall, it took about eight hours to reach

Honolulu. There was a brief stop for refueling, giving only  about an hour to stretch our legs

and allow me to take a couple of pictures with my little Bolsey camera of  the control tower

with the word "Aloha" prominently displayed.













Our flight to Wake Island was a little shorter than from California to Hawaii, and we arrived

in the late afternoon. Wake Island still displayed

the effects of the war. It was just a crescent of

sand and coral with a runway on one leg of the

crescent. Behind the operations building (a

shack) there was a Japanese mini tank, and

when we were bussed around to the  other end

of the island to a mess hall, we saw numerous

beached and partially submerged ships. Signs on the beaches warned that there were

unexploded mines there and the remains of gun emplacements were evident. After a light

meal we were bussed back to the other side, boarded the DC-6 and took off for the overnight

flight to Japan.


We arrived at Haneda Airport in the early morning and were bussed to "FEAMCOM Area

B", a transient administration center, located outside of Tokyo. The first thing I noticed

was that there was a strange odor in the air. It was a "wood smoke" kind of odor, but also

with a hint of incense and perfume. Arriving at the center, we were given briefings on the


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