Bill "Creme" Demints Slides

1953 William Demint. All Rights Reserved



Flag poles in front of K-13 HQ"Georgia Peach" FU-367 was assigned to 1st Lt. Bill Demint1st Lt. Bill "Creme" Demint of Uncle Flight in front of 36th FBS Ops bldg.(L- R) Standing - Victor Flight Lt. Vic Hodges, Unknown, Mike Flight 1st Lt. Lloyd Irish. (L- R) Kneeling - Mike Flight Lt. Jim Kennedy, Victor Flight Charlie CoxC-124 Globemaster Troop Carrier

In an email to Mike Perry, Bill Demint says: "The Korean civilians were just some civilians walking along the road-- but that was the main hiway from Suwon to Seoul back then.  Now of course it is a four lane super hiway." In an email to Mike Perry, Bill Demint says: "the mountainous region was at the front lines near the Punch Bowl.  Irish and I visited the front lines and Chodo and Pydo as part of our new  head orientation." 1st Lt. Bill Demint.  In an email to Mike Perry, Bill says: "The picture of me looking back towards the camera was taken at Chodo.  It was an island that the US controlled on the west coast of Korea about half way up the peninsula."(L- R) Victor Flight 1st Lt. Ward "Kent" Dodge, Queen Flight 2nd Lt. Bob Green, Mike Flight 2nd Lt. Kerm Keeley36th FBS Quonset Huts. Nearest to furthest - Uncle, Mike, Queen, Victor, "Head Shed"