Fick Henderson's Slides

1953  Fick Henderson. All Rights Reserved

In February of 1953, a bunch of new U.S. Air Force pilots left Camp Stoneman,CA. enroute to the Korean theatre of war. The trip over on the DC-4 required brief stops at Hawaii, Wake Island, and Japan. From there, the pilots would head to separate destinations for their assignments. Some of those pilots would be assigned to K-13 Air Base, Suwon, South Korea.  Then 1st Lt. Fick Henderson,  photographically documented his tour of duty in Suwon very well, as you will see below.  Fick also carefully catalogued most of his pictures with captions and dates. With perhaps one or two exceptions, the caption under each photograph is an exact quote of what Fick wrote on his 35mm slides.

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February, 1953

"Bound for Wake Island" "The Mountains of Western Japan from C-46""Fuchu Main Gate""Japanese Rocket Plane""Fuchu BOQ"Fick Henderson at Fuchu O' club"

"Arrival at K-13, Feb. 15, 1953""MFH by B-29""8th FBW Officer's Club"

March, 1953

Bill Haynes and Fick Henderson in front of 35th FBS Ops building.TW and Bill Haynes in front of 36th FBS Ops buidling.

Our Flight Surgeon Doc Leep in front of Uncle Flight Quonset-Figmo-Mar 53Magee and O'connell-Touche'-Mar 53Pat Hunerwadel (35th FBS)-Mar 53Scoch reveling in comfort (35th FBS dog) Mar 53

Korean road workers spreading gravel Korean style. Hubba-Hubba Pomsan-Mar 53Scale model at Seoul Mar 53