Jack Senneff's Slides

1953 Jack Senneff. All Rights Reserved



K-13 Headquarters36th FBS Headquarters8th FBW Officer's Club

Houseboy doing laundry behind "Mike" Flight quonset hut.Figmo in boot.


C-124 GlobemasterMATS (Military Air Transport Service) DC-6. GI's going home.Jack Senneff next to "Daisy Mae."  This A/C was "assigned" to Lt. Jim James who named the left side of his plane, "Memphis Blues."36th FBS line crew next to FU-408


L-R are Wyndy Clarke, Herb Krediet, Jim Walker, Jim O'connell, Kerm Keeley.Jack CookJim O'connellL-R are Bill Sternhagen and Herm Grammer.L-R are Jack Senneff, Jim O'connell, and Kent (Ward) Dodge.

Award CeremonyJack Senneff receives award.Jack SenneffJack Senneff at the volleyball court.


Suwon GateKoreans, "Papasan" and "Mamasan."Suwon MarketplaceKorean farmer.Wash day.

R&R in Japan

Tokyo Imperial  Palace (Emporer's Palace)Palace garden.Moat on Palace grounds.Double-bridge Nijūbashi leading to the main gate over the moats