Kerm Keeley's Slides

1953 Kermit Keeley. All Rights Reserved.


Lt. Kerm Keeley and his F-86 Sabre

"My Darling Patricia" FU-392


2nd Lt. Kermit Keeley on his F-86, "My Darling Patricia.FU-392 "My Darling Patricia" named for Lt. Kerm Keeley's wife.2nd Lt. Kerm Keeley on the Wing of his F-86 Sabre2nd Lt. Kermit Keeley in the Cockpit of his F-86 Sabre"My Darling Patricia" departing on a mission."My Darling Patricia" departs on a mission.Formation takeoff

F-86 Sabres of the 36th FBS on the Flight Line at K-13

36th FBS Sabres on the Flight Line at K-13This a view of the rear of the A/C in the previous picture.Back row of 36th FBS Sabres on the Flight Line at K-13, with Sabres of the 35th FBS in the background.Fuel truck on the flight line at K-13.8th FBG Commander's A/C


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"God on My Wing"L-R 80th FBS Pilots: Unknown, Pappy Alford, Jack Blomgrem, Mike Adams