Fick Henderson's Slides

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 each caption is an exact quote of Fick Henderson taken from the back of each slide)

In February of 1953, a bunch of new Air Force pilots embarked for combat duty in units stationed in Korea and Japan. The first stop after Hawaii, on the long journey overseas, would be Wake Island. Then it was onto Fuchu Air Base, and for some, K-13 at Suwon, Korea.

February, 1953

 "Pacific Sunset from C-54 bound for Wake Island""Mountains of Western Japan from C-46""Fuchu Main Gate""Fuchu BOQ""Japanese Rocket Plane""Fick Henderson at Fuchu O' club""Arrival at K-13,"  Feb. 15, 1953Fick Henderson "MFH by B-29""Officer's club at K-13" (8th Fighter-Bomber Wing Officer's Club)


March, 1953

"TW and Bill in front of 36th Ops K-13"  (Torr Harmer and Bill Haynes of 35th FBS) Pat Hunerwadel (35th FBS)"Our flight surgeon_Doc Leep in front of Uncle flight quonset_Figmo""Magee and O'Connell_Touche'" (Jack Magee and Jim O'connell fencing in front of "Mike" Flight quonset)"Skoch, reveling in comfort""Scale model at Seoul"

Not long after arriving at K-13, the new pilots had to go through orientation; learning about the terrain they'd be flying over, combat tactics (theirs and the enemy's), and working with allied combat units of foreign countries. Fick Henderson and others from the 36th FBS attended JOC (Joint Operations Command) school in Seoul, in late March and early April, 1953. In addition to JOC school, the pilots were given a tour of "Radar Hill;" the site from where all flight operations in Korea were directed. The call sign of the radar operator(s) was "Dentist."


April, 1953

"J.O.C. School"  (Joint Operations Command in Seoul)"Seoul University""Seoul_Huge rail bridges" (Rail bridges across Han River intentionally damaged to prevent enemy use for invasion into the South)"Damaged bridge at Seoul" (Another view of damaged rail bridges from other side of Han River)"Wash day at the Han River""Radar station""Machine gun position overlooking village""Canal and rice paddies K-14"

"T.W. taking movies" (Torr W. Harmer)"Best view from any John in Korea""T.W. and sidewalk vendors in Seoul""Driving a bargain" in Seoul"Papasan at the market square in Seoul""Street scene in Seoul""Any road in Korea""Korean farmers"

Trip to Orphanage

"Path to Suwon orphanage-supported by K-13"  Torr Harmer and Jack Mitchell"Pomsan-retired farmer and Mitch""Boysans and josans at play""Bashful kids at Suwon orphanage""Sacred Temple at Orphanage"

"Typical hand carving-inside and outside"Temple interior"Sacred Stone""Entrance to tomb and sacred grounds""Korea King Jang Jo Tomb"


Back to K-13...

"Headquarters""New home quonset and our houseboy""Veazey's hand-carved Japanese F-80 model" (Fick mis-identified this as being a model of Bob Veazey's F-80)"Mitch-Charlie-Hairless_T.W. in front of Uncle flight quonset_K-13""/Grp pic 36th Ops Moot-Crack-Vic-Stacey-Demint-Irish Strip Alert""Grp pic_Escalle-Mouton-Cox-Sclaroff-Senneff-and Dodge Fighter pilots resting  K-13""K-13 Escalle-Cox-Sclaroff-Dodge Tigers all waiting to fly""F-86 pitchout"

"My scarf""MFH with angel food cake.  It shrunk slightly""Like that cookie duster""MFH aircraft Toots""MFH with Sgt. Dralle Toots""The business end of Toots""F-86 takesoff from K-13""MFH at latrine. 'Scuse me"


May, 1953

"MFH-Airdrome Officer""Mitch Mitchell""Col. Gray""Maj. Ruby Squadron CO""Fence builders at Ops""Group pic- Fence builders Finished product and fence leaners""Reporters-Bill and TW""MFH in front of Group Ops""MFH in cockpit"


June, 1953

"Camera bugs""Panther taking off K-13""Smoke flares""Chopper pick-up K-13""Pick up demo""Going up""MFH by H-5 helicopter at K-13"

"Herm Grammer_Gram Gets The Word""Gram-G.J.-Jim Escalle""Looking east from base HQ""Army support AAA position K-13""Tom Cotton-Supply" (Fick told me, "That poor fella's probably still in jail for all the stuff we stole""Dad Noel pitching horseshoes_Body English at the pit""MFH_Digging my way back...""Our backyard after rain"


July, 1953

"Uncle Flight pin-up""It rained and rained Jul 53""Dad lemme' ride""TW-Dad and Pete_Real picture compostion-Ha""Verne Pete Peterson the artist K-13""Figmo Just a pup_I get's tired""Playful Figmo"

"Fleming - Line Chief""Crew Chiefs Wing and Peach in the hanger K-13""Frank Halter - Mother Halter building Patio K-13""Pat's bird with 1000 lb. bombs""K-13 Sunbathers at Mobile Runway Control. Busy day eh"Dad Noel at Mobile_Runway control_What you up to Dad"TW Mobile Runway Controller K-13"

"More gas at Mobile_out of gas again..""Crash crew at K-13""Ready to roll from K-13""F-86 touchdown""Takeoff roll" (Charlie Cox's "Red Raider")"Tank_AA type_K-13"


August, 1953

"Remains of a blown tire""Base CO Col.  Elder""Col. Walter Benz_8th FBG C.O.""Col. Benz leads a mission""Figmos Crew Chiefs Deganna and Fleming" (fella in the middle unknown)"Summer Siesta""K-13 Sidewalk engineers""Stuck dozer"

"Prime Movers-pulled dozer out K-13""C-46 at K-13""C-119 at K-13""C-119 landing at K-13""T-6 Texan on takeoff roll""V-formation takeoff""Labor truck with Korean workers at K-13""Typical loaded A-frame"

Bug out to K1...

"Bug out to K1""F-86 airborne Jul 53""Airborne '86""K-9_Pusan""Pass in salute at K-1""Lineup at K-1""Donald McKaig Flt Cor""Flight line and Big Jack Cook"

"Zero shelter at K-1""Unloading 1st echelon at K-1""EM and bags arrive""Delta farmland at K-1"" Grasshopper helicopter at K-1"  (Bell Model 47 aka Bell H-13 Sioux)"Dad Noel-MFH Setting up camp at K-1""MFH at K-1  Lift that barge""Dad Noel-Cook and I taking noon chow"

"Group pic at K-1_admin and observer types""Dad Noel taking bath  Just 2 helmets  S'cuse me Dad""Slim Keeley refueling at K1""Jim James and Deacon Russel  Where's  the fuel truck?""C-119 plane art""Group pic  Departing K-1""Loading a C-119 at K-1""TW in the Colonel's bird"


September, 1953

"Flying Fiends aircraft""Grp pic volleyball  Fast action on the v-ball court""Grp pic volleyball. Who's a violater?""Grp pic  45 Cal. familiarization""Ruby-Slater-Keeley-Mori-Krediet-Seger Fire"Murderer's Row Jim Walker-Dick Seger-Pepe Pugh-Bert Mori""Scrivner-Bell-Locke-Ruby""MFH Skeet shoot"


Another trip to the Orphanage

"Orphanage Temple""Idols in temple""Temple Gong""Flowers at Korean Orphanage""King Jang Jo Tomb"

"Queen's Tomb""Landlord Tomb""Orphans by Jeep at base-supported school""Korean Schoolhouse""School kids drill"


Seoul, Korea

"Clamshell doors on the C-124 Globemaster Seoul""C-124 Globemaster- Seoul""Au natural at Seoul City Command swimming pool""Downtown Seoul Crowed busses always""Every businessman has a cart""Korean schoolgirls at railroad station"

"Dick Seger in front of King's Palace Seoul""Emperor's Palace Seoul""Throne room"Emperor's Summer Home"Emperor's fish pond""The Emperor's last vehicle"


British Commonwealth Area

"Sunrise at K-13""MHF off to the front""Suwon gate""Suwon Bus Station""Korean river 20 miles behind front lines""British Commonwealth Division Area""MFH quarters at C.W. Div""Number one houseboy at Brit. C.W. Div""Air Liason Office"


Korean Farming

"Harvest""Korean farmland and rice paddies""Typical village""Korean carpenter hand work with crude tools""Macaroni factory""Sun-dried rice""Drying rice-Sun-dried grain""Harvester-Rice to market"

"Pipeline guard""Reaping rice-the national diet""Mamasan at work""Proverbial Honey buckets""Mamasan is threshing grain-Korean style""Tobacco barn""Tobacco""Korean community machine rice thresher"


K-46 Escape & Survival Training

"Quarters at K-46_escape and survival""Boysans national pasttime""Dipping garments in miticide for protection""Escape and evasion map reading""Escape and survival training-scree climb"

"Weapons training""MFH with burp gun""Looking over a rescue helo""Chopper lift""Webster going up"


Ferry trip to Tokyo

"B-17 Flying Fortress""C-54 Skymaster to Japan""Olympic pool at Johnson AFB""Tokyo Arsenal football_Johnson AFB""Ferry trip-Chip and putt golf course-Sterny-Jack Blom""Hotel Matsudaira Tokyo""Hotel Matsudaira rooms""Guest umbrellas at the Matsudaira Hotel"



October, 1953

"Mt. Fuji""K-13 Tower view east""K-13 Tower South view"


November, 1953

"Capt. Hearin""8th FBS firsts sign""Maj. John Bell next to 8th FBW firsts sign""Poopy suits""Water's fine-C'mon in""Gotta leak""Exposure suits - Cool ain't it"

"Mike Flight""Mike Flight's bar""MFH area""Uncle Flight's bar""Duke and Jack Cook""Van Flak Camp-Dad Noel-Skoch""Shima volcano"


December, 1953

Back in the good 'ol USA

"Hickham Field""Hickham terminal""Hawaiian street""Shopping stores""Diamond Head"

"Side yard - Royal Hawaiian""Royal Hawaiian""Low scud-clouds-mist""Waikiki""Waikiki Moana Hotel"


June, 2007

Back in 2007, when I began this project, I was very excited to learn that a gentleman (presumably of course, ha ha) by the name of "Fick" Henderson (Fick???), who flew in the same squadron as my Uncle Jr., lived just a few minutes away, in Scottsdale, AZ.  I explained to his wife Jan, on the phone, who I was and that I was looking for a "Fick" Henderson. Is it possible that I have the "right Fick Henderson," I asked? Jan said, "I don't think there is more than one Fick Henderson. Oh yes, he's going to want to talk with you!"

My wife Donna and I had the good fortune and great pleasure of meeting and dining with Fick and his lovely wife, Jan.  As if that wasn't pleasure enough, upon leaving the restaurant, Fick motions me over to his car and drops all the above 35mm slides, his Class 52-G yearbook, and other "priceless" 36th FBS related articles in my hands and says," Here you go." Wow! What a treasure. Since then Donna and I stay in close touch with Fick and Jan., and we are so grateful and proud that they have included us as their friends.

June, 2008