Wyndy Clarke's Slides

K-13 Air Base Suwon, Korea 1952-1953

1953 Wyndham Clarke. All Rights Reserved.

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K-13 Main Gate, Buildings, and Control Tower

Aerial View of K-13Korean countrysideK-13 Air Base Main GateFlag poles in front of K-13 HQ with the Airman's Club in the background.8th FBG HQ8th FBG Combat Operations Building8th FBW Officer's Dining Hall

8th FBW Officer's ClubK-13 buildings and Control Tower.36th FBS Orderly Room and Control TowerView of K-13 from Control Tower. 80th FBS Huts in foreground.Two F-86 Sabres of the 36th FBS fly by.

Flight Line at K-13

F-86 Sabres of the 36th and 35th Fighter Bomber Squadrons on the flight line at K-13.8th FBG CO's F-86 on the flight line with 35th FBS Sabres.Douglas C-47 "Skytrain" in 8th FBG colors, Douglas B-26 "Invader" on the ramp at K-13. Forward in sandbag revetments are a T-33 "T-Bird" Jet trainer and 3 F-86s of the 80th FBS "Head Hunters."F-86's taking off from K-13.8th FBG CO's Sabre on the 36th FBS Flight Line

Air Operations at K-13

An F-86 Sabre of the 51st FIG (Fighter-Interceptor Group) lands at K-13.F-80 "Shooting Star" landing at K-13."Beauteous Butch" was the name of this plane. It was assigned to leading Korean War Ace Joe McConnell of the 51st FIG. There are thirteen "Red Stars" painted on the starboard gun panel of this F-86; one for each MiG kill. McConnell would go on to claim three more victories before his tour was up, but not in this airplane. He was shot down in this airplane shortly after this picture was taken.

Eight F-86 Sabres taking off from K-13.F-86 from the 35th FBS "Black Panthers" taking off from K-13. The two stripes on the nose indicate a "Flight Commander's" A/C.F-86's from the 36th FBS (left) and the 35th FBS (right) taking off from K-13.F-86's from the 80th FBS "Head Hunters" taking off from K-13.A T-33 "T-Bird" Jet Trainer of the 36th FBS takes off from K-13.

An F-86 from the 35th FBS overhead with dive (speed) brakes deployed.Four F-86 Sabres in Diamond formation.F-86's "entering the break."Throw in a barrel roll for good measure. This A/C is inverted.36th FBS Sabres in "Missing Man" formation.Twelve F-86's in Arrow formation.


Pilots and Crew at K-13


(L- R) Unknown Crew Chief, 8th FBG CO Lt. Col. Walter G. Benz, house boy, Unknown Col., 8th FBW Base CO Col. William Elder

8th FBG CO Lt. Col. Walter G. Benz, Jr.'s last mission in his

 F-86 Sabre FU-445, "The Dirty Old Man."


Col. Thompson of the 80th FBS and 36th FBS Pilot Lt. George R. "Bob" Veazey.36th FBS Executive Officer Maj. Darvin Lee Trout talks with 1st Lt. Paul Gushwa and another unidentified 36th FBS pilot.(L- R) Mike Flight pilots 1st Lt. Lloyd Irish and 2nd Lt. Richard Laidley(L- R) Lt's. Herm Grammer, Lloyd Irish, unknown, Jack Mayo(L- R) Unknown, Lt. Jim Kennedy-Queen Flight, Lt. Tom Owen-Queen Flight, Lt. Johnny Mayers-Victor Flight, Lt. Kent Dodge-Victor Flight(L- R) Queen Flight Lts. Jack "Redeye" Taylor and Tom Owen

(L- R) Victor Flight 2nd Lt. Bill Sternhagen with Figmo, Mike Flight Lts. Jim Oconnell,Jack Senneff, Kerm Keeley, and Lloyd IrishMike Flight 1st Lt. Lloyd IrishMike Flight 2nd Lt. Kermit Keeley monkeying around.(L- R) Unknown 80th FBS Lt. and Lt. Ted "Peaches"Beattie

Mike Flight 1st Lt. Wendy ClarkeVictor Flight 2nd Lt. Herman GrammerVictor Flight 2nd Lt. Johnny Mayers

Houseboy shining shoesHouseboy shining shoesHouseboys doing laundry

(L- R) Unknown and 2nd Lt. Herman Grammer(L- R)"New Head" Lt George Stuessy (?) sits with "Old Heads" Lt.'s Vic Hodges, Lloyd Irish and Jim O'connellQueen Flight 2nd Lt. Raoul P. Mouton Jr.Queen Flight 2nd Lt. Bob Green

Mike Flight 1st Lt. Jack MayoMike Flight 1st Lt. Wyndy ClarkeQueen Flight Lt. Tom Owen

Victor Flight 1st Lt. Paul GushwaUncle Flight 1st Lt. Bill Creme DemintMike Flight 1st Lt. Lloyd IrishLt. Gregg Whitney

"Home Sweet Home"

Mike Flight Quonset

(and some of the Pilots who called it home)

36th FBS Mike Flight Quonset HutMike Flight 1st Lt. Jack Mayo in his quarters.Mike Flight 2nd Lt. Jack SenneffMike Flight 2nd Lt. Jim OconnellUnknownMike Flight 2nd Lt. Kermit Keeley. Kerm would "inherit" Wyndy Clarke's F-86, FU-392 after Wyndy went home. Kerm named the A/C, "My Darling Patricia" for his wife.

Lt. Wyndy Clarkes F-86FU-392 and crew chief1st Lt. Wyndy Clarkes F-86 and crew chiefMike Flight 1st Lt. Wyndy Clarke standing next to FU-405. A/C FU-405 was briefly "assigned" to and named "Cajun Express" by 2nd Lt. Raoul P. Mouton, Jr.